Accelerate To Cloud Advantage With Linux Technologies

Highlighting Who We Are

For Innovation there’s Ample Space on Cloud

Imagine a world that’s ever-growing, and with it, the capacity for innovation is decreasing. To make way for more growth, infrastructure needs to be free, so that it can accommodate new services, processes, and applications. For your business to grow, you need to plan and achieve a successful cloud transition, to make way for innovation and freeing up space for growth and development.

Mitigating Risk & Promising Performance

Linux Technologies’s Cloud Migration Services identifies areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance of enterprise applications. It provides solutions to mitigate risk and maximize performance, that will lead to future business growth.

Automating Migration with Proven Methodology

Our migration service accelerates and streamlines your application migration to public and private cloud platforms. Besides this, the service significantly reduces downtime and costs during the migration. We automate the entire migration process using our proven methodology and factory approach.

Managing Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Linux Technologies helps customers securely move workloads from on-prem to cloud and also between public or private cloud while modernizing platforms and managing next gen infrastructure.

Versatile Migration Capabilities

Linux Technologies Cloud Migration Services not only migrates a single server, or a single application, but also a group of servers or a group of applications to public or private cloud. It doesn’t matter if it’s a V2V, P2V, P2P, V2P migration.

Our Cloud Migration Methodology

Infrastructure & application discovery

Cloud readiness assessment

Application migration

Scale & optimize