BDC Recruiting and Staffing Services


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BDC Recruiting and Staffing Services

BDC PROS wants to be sure that it finds the candidate most suited for the job, the one whose skills and knowledge will help the company grow. In every department, getting the right people into the right positions is critical. Picking the right candidate could mean difference between success and failure. We know how to find the right people who will endorse proper activity levels and drive traffic. Our experience and education within the Automotive industry gives us a unique combination of experience and knowledge over a vast scope of marketing initiatives that will provide your group with a competitive opportunity and advantage for exponential growth.

Recruiting Services

Candidate Scrubbing

Candidate Scrubbing is important to set up an applicant evaluation system so we can recruit the best employees possible. BDC PROS will screen candidates identified by the customer for desired position. We will conduct a recorded phone interview, which we will send over for review.

Scrubbing and Recruiting

BDC PROS will assist Dealer in scrubbing and recruiting applicant for desired positions. We will place ads for Dealers seeking candidates. We consult with the Dealer to review the position, desired experience, well-qualifications, and salary to create an ad placement. The ad will be posted on the employment sites. BDC PROS will screen resumes based on qualifications and experience identified by the Dealer. Candidates with strong resumes will be contacted for a phone interview. Scrubbing for candidates–review resumes, conduct video or phone Interview, and finally identify top and eligible candidate.

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