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A Powerful, Proven Approach to Content Marketing and Social Media

The average American spends 11 hours a day in front of a screen. They’re traveling through a customer journey that is increasingly non-linear, consuming content and purchasing products after several, or several hundred, relevant touchpoints.
Silverback Strategies’ Content Marketing and Social Media Management programs intersect brand and performance marketing. Our in-house experts create compelling audience experiences that produce valuable engagement and drive website traffic.
Silverback’s Content Marketing managers and associates collaborate with our internal Creative team to craft attention-capturing assets. Social actions and reactions allow our clients to generate leads, build relationships and move prospects towards conversions.
Silverback takes a strategic approach to content. Our SEO and Paid Media teams work in alignment with our Content and Social account managers, ensuring optimal search and social performance.
Silverback’s Content Marketing and Social Media Management programs start by building an understanding of partner goals and audience composition. A comprehensive audit and strategic planning process then determines the assets and platforms to target.
All marketers know the value of the inbound triangle — lead generation, social media and email marketing. We focus on those tactics and others that drive client growth. We adjust our approach as we analyze partner performance and adapt to reach their goals.
Learn more about Content Marketing and Social Media Management at Silverback. Contact us now.
I don’t think there’s another search firm that has better expertise than Silverback. There’s no question we made the right decision.
I can see and prove their results week to week and month to month, and I can prove it to my organization.
Julie Kimbro
Intelligize, Inc


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