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A transparent, performance-focused approach to web design.

Cross-department collaboration and performance drive everything we create.
Silverback’s Creative team leverages insights collected from our Development, SEO, Paid, and Content experts to design assets built for maximum performance. Learn more about our design services below.

Creative Services, Driven By Data

A brand’s visual identity is critical to driving awareness and performance. Our team of designers works closely with our search and social experts to communicate the essence of your brand and build creative that drives performance.
Our Creative services include:
  • Ad Creative
  • Content Asset Design
  • Landing Page Creation
  • UX Audits

Ad Creative:

Silverback’s team of designers works collaboratively with our channel experts to develop ad creative that better reflects your brand and converts leads to sales. Whether it’s a 15-second social video, Facebook Canvas ad, or motion graphic, we work together to understand the right medium for your message.
Our designers collaborate with our Paid Media experts to implement creative A/B tests to maximize efficiencies in your ad budget, while partnering with our Content team to create effective messaging that brings the creative to life.
Our ad creative formats include: static social ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), video ads (i.e. YouTube bumper ads), display ads, motion graphics, Facebook Canvas ads, and more.

Content Assets:

From higher education and edtech to B2B and retail, we take the time to understand our clients’ digital playing field, business, and competition to build content assets that suit their unique needs.
Multimedia like infographics, email templates, white papers, and blog creative all serve to communicate your messaging effectively and visually represent your brand. Our designers work closely with our content creators to understand the appropriate creative for our clients’ audiences and their respective funnel stage.

Landing Pages:

In tandem with our Paid Media and Development teams, Silverback’s creative specialists build high-performance, on-brand landing pages designed to convert. We use the latest technology to A/B test creative elements to ensure maximum performance and efficient lead gen modeling.

UX Audits:

The Creative department plays a crucial role in our UX Audit process.
Digging into user interviews, client input, and data-backed insights, Silverback’s designers can inform site navigation, website page structure, content organization, and word choice. Our SEO, Content, and Paid Media specialists provide recommendations that can move our clients’ sites to the next level of performance.

Work With the Experts

Building on-brand, performance-driven creative is what we do best. Learn more about Silverback’s cross-department approach to creative services by giving us a call or contacting us online.
Following Silverback Strategies’ redesign + rebuild of LongRoofing.com, our client saw an immediate 300% increase in mobile leads from form fills and calls while the overall form fill rate skyrocketed by 278%.
They’ve successfully increased our exposure and sales with their services. There’s a clear return on our investment.
John DePaola
Long Roofing


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