“The Products You Want. The Products We Supply”


International Consulting Services and Trading Co., Inc.
can assist your company using the over 30 years’
experience, knowledge and performance in the
following areas:

– Consulting on streamlining and organizing operations including production, engineering, purchasing, and material control for successful manufacturing and production.

– Guiding projects, products and equipment (commercial, industrial, military), from concept through development, design, documentation, prototype build, testing and full scale manufacturing, fabrication and production.

– Assisting companies with determining project costs, supported by material and manpower breakdowns; design and engineering costs; determining plant,tooling and equipment necessary for cost efficient manufacturing.
– Leading design of and upgrading fabrication, manufacturing and production facilities.

– Suggesting improvements to products and equipment to reduce costs and improve manufacturability.

– Advising on cost effective manufacturing processes for products and equipment

– Consulting on use of and interpretation of ASTM, ASME, AWS and other codes and standards.

– Converting product designs to meet other national standards.

– Providing guidance to resolve fabrication, manufacturing and production issue.

Organizing a project (USA)

Training a group of engineers (China)

Reviewing product drawings (China)

Supporting plant facilities

Solving fabrication issue

Assuring performance (Korea)