Raw sweet/bitter almond nuts

The protein content in raw peanuts and peanut varieties remains higher than all of the many nuts and legumes. Protein acts as the key essential nutrient for building, repairing and maintaining healthy muscle fiber.
Peanuts contain high amounts of unsaturated or healthy fats. These lipids, unlike saturated fats, have the ability to decrease bad and increase good cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats also provide you with a key nutrient that helps with the fat burning process.
Raw peanuts provide you with more fiber than peanut butter or other peanut varieties. Fiber guides in digestion and helps with the metabolism process as well.
This powerful nut provides several healthy B vitamins, containing folate which helps to reduce the threat of heart disease.
Raw peanuts contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which remain hard to obtain through other foods. The vitamin E found in peanuts has the ability to reduce coronary heart disease, while things like zinc and potassium help regulate normal body functions.

Moisture: 45.0% max. 
imperfect:3% max.
admixture:0% max
aflatoxin: 5ppb max.
12.5kgs x 2vacuum bags/carton
5lb x 10vacuumn bags /carton
5lb x 6 vacuum bags/ carton
25kg /vacuum bag + p.p. bag
1. Long type peanut kernel: 24/28, 28/32,34/38,38/42,42/46,45/55
2. Round type peanut kernel:35/40,40/50,50/60,60/70,70/80,80/100
3. Long type blanched peanut:25/29,29/33,35/39,39/43
4. Round type blanched peanut:36/41,41/51,51/61,61/71
5. Split blanched peanut:25/29,29/33,35/39,39/43, 36/41,41/51,51/61,61/71
6. Peanut in shell:7-9,9-11,11-13