Refined peanuts oil.

The nutritious and beneficial peanut oil is not only healthy but also tasty. Find out its physical description below.
Color: It is amber yellow colored.
Density: It is mildly thick but without the sticky factor.
Taste: This oil has a sweet, nutty flavor of its own, owing to its origin.
Smell: It oozes a sweetish earthy fragrance.
The primary fatty acid properties of peanut oil are
Oleic acid
Linoleic acid
Palmitic acid
Stearic acid
Arachidic acid
Arachidonic acid
Behenic acid

Lignoceric acid

Smoke Point
According to the data shared by USDA smoke point of per 100 gm of peanut oil is at 225 degree C. or 446 degree F.

Peanut oil should be stored in air tight container and kept in some dark, cool and moisture-free place. Freshness of the oil increases if these conditions are maintained properly.

Shelf Life
Peanut oil usually has a shelf life 6 months, even if not taken proper care of. But it can last up to 9 to 12 months if the storage condition is under good care.