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We aim to look after you properly and to connect you first time, every time. 

UniverCell was formed with the philosophy that in today’s world, the telephone is the lifeline of any business. It follows that your services and costs should be a high priority to your service provider. Unfortunately, we know this doesn't always happen. Sometimes you feel you're paying more than you should and your client account manager's service leaves something to be desired…Your account manager should be proactive with your rates as well as with the general management of your account. If you have a problem, or need to find out information, someone should be easily available to contact. A response time set and (to the best of everyone’s ability), kept to.  


As part of our service we continuously monitor your call profile in order to alert you to any potential misuse, or fraudulent activity.

We pride ourselves on utilising the latest technologies which will enable you to take advantage of a highly reliable network and substantial cost savings. These are made available through a number of alternative network providers. This is all without the need for on-site reprogramming of your telephone system.  


However you use UniverCell, whether for calls, line rental or broadband you will always retain your existing phone numbers. Transfer to the service is completely seamless causing absolutely no disruption to your business. We are also able to provide barring of certain types of calls if you require (e.g. Premium Rate / International etc).