Slides 1-7 cover the initial setup, 8-12 the connection setup and 13-17 the user setup. The instructions are at the bottom of the screen. The slideshow will automatically move to the next slide .


1) In your web browser type the website address
2) In the white box type four numbers in the password box "1234"
3) Please click the button "Ignore"
4) Please click the button “Apply”
5) Please click the button “Internet/Wireless”
6) Briefly wait for the router to search for the required settings. You don’t need to click any buttons
7) Please wait 20 seconds for the test to complete
8) Click “Manually configure your internet connection”
9) This is what the settings will look like before you make any changes
10) This is what it must look like after you have made the changes. There are 4 settings to change. After making the changes click “Next”
11) No changes need to be made, click “Apply”
12) Wait for the connection to be tested
13) Click “Next”
14) Click “Next”
15) Choose a memorable name to identify your internet connection, for example “UniverCell”. This is used for WiFi. Then Click “Next”.
16) Choose a memorable password to logon to this connection. This password is used for connecting to Wifi. Then click “Next”.
17) Click “Apply”
18) Click “Finish” and you are now all set up!