Fibre Internet is a faster technology for connecting to the internet. It offers download speeds of up to 100Mb, which can be 10X faster than the traditional ADSL broadband. The improved connection speed is made possible by using fibre cables which is a premium product instead of copper wires. The difference in speed is instantly noticeable and will make watching videos online an uninterupted pleasure.  


With UniverCells Fibre Internet there are no download limits. You are free to spend as much time as you please and download as much as you like in the safe knowledge that you won't incur any unexpected charges. We don't believe in tieing you down to usage limits and furthermore we think of you as if we were in your shoes. If we didn't want it for ourselves, we wouldn't sell it to you.


Please contact us via our Contact page if you have a question or to find out more about UniverCell Fibre Internet.